About Us

Our Vision is to create strong community bonds. We are here to support your own callings to be of service to the Greater Good. We are here to serve our own Dharma as teachers and leaders in the community but we are also here to support your Dharma, your calling to serve the highest. So please share with us what you are passionate about and how we can help you to support the causes you are passionate about. Whether it's holding blood drives in the parking lot, holding low cost spay and neuter clinics, organizing a community clean up or selling girl scout cookies; we are here to work with you to find your highest calling and then to support you in bring it into action and making a difference in our community.

Mickie is passionate about animal rights and is called to help organizations such as Homes for Pets/ The Schertz Humane society. She currently does home visits for the organization and helps out with shelter duty when necessary.

Kanani and Mickie recently appeared at the Arthritis Foundation's annual fundraiser event in May, as two of our students and friends are passionate and very involved in the arthritis awareness movment. For the second year in a row Kanani led a warm-up for the walkers and runners at this event.

We are here to support your causes in any way we can, so please share them with us, we would be honored to have a hand in helping you to achieve your success in serving the community.