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18817 FM 2252, San Antonio, TX 78266
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                           ALOHA and Welcome to Loka Studios
Kahiko Hula Wahine
Now Featuring at Loka Studios... Healing Hula & Chant!

 Loka Studios is honored to have International Teacher Kaipo Park
To an observer, Healing Hula appears to have a format similar to most dance classes - Warm ups, reviewing basic steps, learning choreography, and learning how to move the body with the mele, music or chant.
Take a closer look at a Healing Hula class, and you'll notice and feel a rhythmic energy evolving as the class progresses.  When the participant embraces this rhythmic energy, he or she is able to focus. Combining the ability to focus with the incredible vortex the participants create is what allows the opportunity for self-healing. It’s a formula that works very well for all who actively participate. The participant may arrive in a low energy mode, or may be a bit frazzled, or may be  a bit annoyed with something or someone. By the time the session ends, he or she will have evolved in a better feeling place and be closer to that emotion we call joy.

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