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What's New at the Studio

Yoga 4 A Cause

Join Loka Studios in supporting Daughters of Charity Services in their Adopt-a-Child Back to School program.  Last year we were able to supply 3 children with complete school supplies; this month we will be collecting school supplies to go children that are not adopted through this program.  Please consider picking up a couple extra supplies when you're stocking up for back-to-school.   

30 in 3 Challenge
Complete 30 classes* in 3 months to win...

-A one month unlimited class pass

-Do it in 60 days and get :  class pass + Loka Gift item

-Do it in 30 days and get : class pass + gift item + Jade Professional Yoga Mat

Challenge Pass cost :$300.00
* classes must be completed in studio and does not include workshops or special series classes
***Watch for updates on our June class schedule***
Yoga & Meditation
We offer classes of varied levels that are beginner friendly.  Learn Asana (poses), Pranayama (breath) and Pratyahara (meditation) techniques that help to unite the mind, body and spirit, leaving a feeling of harmony and balance.
Essential Oils
If you are concerned about how many chemicals we put in our bodies from pharmaceuticals and body care products, then come learn how Essential Oils can be used to promote healing and wellness.  Click the Pic to purchase oils for yourself.
Healing Hula & Chanting
Healing Hula classes combine 3 M's:  Movement, Music (or Mele) and Meaning, to help students focus mentally and move rhythmically to create a vortex of self-healing that is both uplifting and joyful. 
Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy is a wonderful treatment for releasing tension in the body.  We offer massage services right here at Loka Studios.  Click the Pic to read more and schedule your appointment today.
Tai Chi:  Orient Express
Tai Chi is a low impact, gentle physical exercise and stretching practice.  Medical research shows tai chi is helpful for improving balance, improving general psychological health and other physical conditions.
Private Instruction
Private sessions are great for individuals with conditions that benefit from very tailored instruction and also great for  families or organizations looking for a private class.  Click the Pic to schedule your session today.
Calendar of Events